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While we’re all confined to our interiors, why not share the view from our window? Check out the hundreds of members of our communities who have already shared their video. And why not you? Make a short 20-30 seconds video in landscape mode from the window of your confinement and upload it to our site. Contribute to a unique interactive experience!

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During the lockdown,
SHARE your Video, share your world


One : take your smartphone or camera.

Two : Shoot 20 or 30 seconds from your window.

Three : Upload and Share with the community!


In a globalized world, sharing our view through the window allows us to see the world as it is: so similar and so different at the same time!

You too, participate! It’s very easy: take your smartphone or your camera and film in landscape format (tilt the phone horizontally).

Take a deep breath and for 20 to 30 seconds maximum, film what you see from your window. From the right to the left, or from the top to the bottom, or say you zoom in something great, that will surprise everyone: a beautiful landscape, some funny monkeys, or maybe just… a wall! Share what you see from your window, as a human being locked down.

Register on our website and upload your video.
And voilà, you have just opened a new window on our world.

Because of the Coronavirus pandemia, we are no longer allowed to move around, but we still have the right to discover the world! Share the view from your window to share emotions.

This concept site was born during the lockdown period due to Covid-19 pandemia. Half of the people in our world were locked down in their house, to stop the virus from spreading. The first idea was to make a film from that thing that we all see in that lockdown: Our windows. These windows that are inside and outside of the same reality. They save us from the pleague, but they also prevent us from freedom. The window in these days become a symbol. We started to ask, on the social networks, for people to send us video view from their window. Just a 20 second video through their window. And here’s what happened… [READ MORE]

But why

did we do that?

The creators

We are french creatives, one in Paris, another in Toulouse, and fully connected to you!

François Grandjacques

Film Maker

Frédéric Pierron

Creative Coder & Writer