about Worldbyme.tv

Sharing our videos
means sharing our world.

So, we started to ask, on the social networks, for people to send us images from their window. Just a 10 second video through their window.
And it worked, we received hundreds of these small candies, from all over the world. And it was very strong, very interesting, very deep. Suddenly you could see how the globalization made our lives in the same time, similar and totally different.
You could see that in the little details. The way a table is dressed, the colors that are used in that bedroom, the color of the buildings in front of the window…

By collecting images of the world now, we are building a global collective memory. You can simply contribute to this by submitting your own view of the world as you see it, a “World By Me”.

We will continue this process to leave as many short testimonies about our world as we see it from our window, with our eyes, our emotions and our desires.

Now it’s your turn to share the view from your window!